Code of Ethics

Maggie’s Rescue supports ethical rescue of all animals, domesticated and wild, and acknowledges its obligation is to the welfare of the animals in its care and those in the wider community.

As part of this obligation Maggie’s Rescue pledges to:


Provide high standards of care for the animals in its guardianship by:

Treating all animals with compassion and humanity;
Acknowledging its limitations and enlisting the assistance of a veterinarian or other trained professional when appropriate and required;
Place the welfare of animals fostered by Maggie’s Rescue above personal gain; and
Being alert to our foster animals’ needs, safety and welfare at all times.


Maggie’s Rescue commits to operate according to, and in compliance with all federal, state and local pet and/or wildlife regulations, laws, rules, ordinances, statutes , and codes, and possess the required permits of license(s) (if applicable).


With the common goal of responsible concern and welfare of animals through:

Conducting all activities in a professional manner, with honesty, integrity, compassion, and commitment, and we acknowledge that an individual’s conduct reflects on the entire field of animal welfare.
Respect other groups and individuals in related fields, sharing skills and knowledge in the spirit of cooperation for the welfare of animals.


Re-home the animals in the care of Maggie’s Rescue with appropriate scrutiny and the utmost care based on the following:

All cats and dogs being re-homed will be desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, life-time registered;
All animals will be free of internal and external parasites and heartworm and known health conditions treated appropriately;
In depth interviewing of all potential adopters. The requirement of a written application, telephone interview and a check of their home. (for interstate adoptions home visits may need to be conducted by another rescue group)
For applicants leasing their home, landlord/real estate approval, in writing, for prospective adopters;
A full adoption agreement which fully discloses all health and temperament information about each rescue animal;
Temperament testing each animal and exercising good judgment to assure the animal’s suitability for placement and not knowingly place a vicious or otherwise temperamentally unsound animal in an adoptive home, nor place an animal in an adoptive home that may have a temperamentally unsound or vicious animal;
Providing follow-up advice and assistance to adopters; and
Committing to, where possible, take back a rescue animal placed at any time for the term of that animal’s natural life.


All staff, volunteers and those representing Maggie’s Rescue will conduct themselves professionally and ethically in all our business and personal dealings:

Abiding by all written agreements entered into with a releasing agency or person;
Returning all methods of contact (phone calls and email) within three days, or to make alternative provisions to have calls handled by another rescue representative;
Paying agreed-upon fees to releasing agencies for rescue animals, and agreed-upon expenses to private individuals who assist with acquisition, transportation, or temporary care of rescue animals;
Striving to achieve high standards of animal care through continual learning, knowledge and keeping informed of current information, methods and regulations; and
Conducting our rescue activities on a not for profit basis, receiving no compensation for rescue work, nor expecting compensation for our efforts