Adopt a Pet

The key to a successful and happy adoption is making sure that we match the right person to the right pet. Sometimes this requires time and a few details but in the end, Maggie's Rescue is focused on rehoming our pets for life.

Maggie’s Rescue is not an animal shelter which means that we care for all our animals through our amazing network of foster carers. Our FOSTER TO ADOPT program has been designed to provide a safe and nurturing temporary home for animals in need until their adoptive home is found. Some pets may be going through a transitioning process and may not be ready for adoption. When our foster carers feel the animal is ready to adopt, they will be listed on our website for adoption.

Follow our Adoption Process to help you find your purrfect family pet.

Step 1 - Browse our Pets

Browse all the beautiful cats and dogs that are available right now via the links below.

Browse Dogs For Adoption
Browse Cats For Adoption

Step 2 - Make your Application

If you’re interested in a particular pet, click on the ADOPT ME button. This will take you our Adoption Enquiry Form. These questions help you decide if this is the right time in your life to adopt a pet. Remember that a Maggie’s Pet is for life, so please consider this when making your adoption enquiry.

If you feel that adoption is not the right thing for you now, consider becoming a Foster Carer with Maggie’s Rescue.

Step 3 - Meet and Greet

Our foster carer will contact you to talk about their pet and find out a little more about you and your family. They will arrange a time for you to come to their home or to our office to meet their foster pet. This is to ensure that the pet is the right fit for your family. We want your adoption to be the best experience, so we may occasionally suggest a different cat or dog if your current situation does not meet the needs of the individual animal.

We receive a large volume of adoption requests for all our animal everyday. So, if you have not heard back from us within a week, it is likely that the pet has found their forever home. But please don’t stop looking, If you find another pet that you would like to meet, let us know and we will forward your original application to the new foster carer.

Step 4 - Paperwork and Two Week Trial

Once you have agreed to adopt a Maggie’s animal we need to conduct a home check of your property. We want to be sure that your home is a safe environment for all our animals. If approved, you will be emailed a link to sign our Adoption Agreement, complete ownership transfer papers C3B, and make your adoption donation. Once we receive all your completed paperwork and donation our foster carer will contact you again to arrange a time for to collect your pet.

All Maggies’ pets have a two week trial in your home. At the end of this trial we provide council with the C3B, transfer of ownership papers and desex certificate to complete the transfer. They will send you a Certificate of Identification within 2 weeks. Maggie’s Rescue will forward any desex and vaccination certificates, as well as the completed C3B sent to council. If there are any relevant vet reports that relate to your pet these will be emailed to you.

And that's it! The adoption process is complete.