Become a Foster Carer

Fostering is fun, and can be a great way to have a pet in your home without the long commitment of pet ownership.

Why is fostering important?

Did you know that Australia has the second highest euthenasia rates in the world? Sadly, each year, over 200,000 healthy cats and dogs are put down because they had nowhere to go. Through public education and encouraging people to adopt from rescue groups and shelters, we can change these figures. One animal at a time.

Every foster carer that signs up potentially means that we can rescue another animal. Everyday, people are opening their hearts and homes to a foster pet and joining our Foster Carer Program.

Helpless companion animals that have been lost or abandoned need temporary care. To get the second chance they deserve, each of these animals desperately need a foster carer. You can do this as often as suits your lifestyle and even stipulate what kind of dog or cat you are prepared to foster.

What does it involve?

If you think you can commit to three months in order to foster a pet in need, we would love to talk to you! Our average time for a pet in care is much less than this but in order to provide our rescue animals with stability, we ask that you are prepared for them to be in care for a bit longer if need.

All veterinarian costs are covered by Maggie’s Rescue. We do ask our foster carers to provide for their day to day needs, such as food, water, shelter, exercise and flea and worm treatment. When we receive food donations we share these with our carers. We also ask our foster carers to transport their foster animal to and from vet appointments or bring them to adoptions days held at Maggie’s HQ in Marrickville.

Essentially, you will need to treat the animal as you would your own pet while they are in your home.

We want to make fostering fun for you and your foster pet. We provide an on going training program and out Intakes Coordinators and Managers are available to offer support and advice when needed– in return, we hope your experience will make you want to foster again (and again!). There is never any pressure for foster carers to take on an animal if they are not comfortable and we work around your scheduled holidays and commitments.


Ready to foster? Apply now

If you are ready to foster now then follow the links below so we can find out a little more about you. You will be invited to attend out Induction Session which is an informal and friendly session that will answer all the questions you have around being a foster carer.