To start the year with our best paw forward, we would like to share a rescue story that will inspire. Alfie is a dog we rehomed nearly three years ago with Nikki and Alex. When they first went to him, he was a nervous wreck. He didn’t trust anyone and was terrified of all men, but he bonded very quickly with Nikki. It was clear right from the start that he was going to be hers.

The early months were challenging for Alfie to relax into his new home. Nikki and Alex persisted, and after a while trust came back to him. At the beginning, Alfie would sit next to Alex in the garden so long as he wasn’t too far away from the deck where he could hide when his nerves got the better of him. It was clear that some man had been incredibly cruel to him in his life.

“It breaks my heart when I think of the suffering he must have endured. He’s a totally innocent victim of human cruelty. I now have no regrets about adopting a dog and I would always do it again. So in the coming years we will strive everyday to right the wrongs of those that have done him harm and just try to pay him back with as much love as he gives us, “said Alex.

Now, Alfie is a shining light in their lives. Alfie has nothing but love to give them. He’s relishes in such simple joys like having an unlimited supply of tennis balls or snuggling on the couch with Nikki.

Alex and Nikki wanted to share their story with us because of Alfie, they are now an advocate of animal adoption. Alex said, “Everyone should see adoption as their first option. There are so many other little furry beings out there that need to be shown that the human capacity for kindness and love far exceeds our capacity for cruelty.”

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