When Tully, arrived at Maggie’s Rescue she was very reactive and scared of open spaces. She was always overwhelmed by rain and grass under her feet. We saved Tully in the nick of time with only 20 minutes before she was to be put down at the pound due to a shortage of spaces.

After months of training and perseverance from her carer, Tully has found herself again through love and support. She is now a smart, joyful and fun dog.

Now, she lives in a loving home in Tasmania with over five acres of land, a beach and two dams on the property to swim in, filling her days with adventure. Tully has become a great family companion! Last October, Tully was chosen to be part of a dog squad to do a Noseworks demonstration (a canine sport created to mimic professional detection dog tasks) at the Royal Hobart show. What an achievement!

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